Nick Frost, Matt King, Mark Heap, British science fiction

The Sofa of Time (2002, United Kingdom)

2002United Kingdom

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The Sofa of Time  2002 scifi radio series

Running time: 25 minutes

Language: English

Milford and Parker, two soft furnishings factory workers from London, lost their job, but while they were clearing out their lockers Milford found a portal to a parallel world. Gravia, the world they end up in, seems similar to our own, but for the two losers in our world Gravia has one huge chance to offer - it turns out that it was predicted that the Chosen One will arrive to this world to overpower the tyrant that brutally rules in the land. The one feature that will distinct him from all other people will be number of fingers - eleven to be exact - and it just happens that Milford has that feature. They meet small man named Marmite the Dwarf, who recognizes the Chosen One in Milford, and he becomes their guide in this totalitarian world, where emperor Raamen Bod is keen to lay his hands on one object that will give him the absolute power - the Sofa of Time. Milford and Parker has to hurry up and find the sofa before it will be too late. Of course the arrival of Chosen One wasn’t overlooked by the agents of Raamen Bod and he sends his best men to track them down. Well, maybe not the best, but General Geezer has his strong points...

Radio sci-fi program written and performed by Nick Frost and Matt King, set in a dystopian reality of parallel universe, in which the Chosen One has to avoid being caught by the forces of emperor and at the same time find the legendary Sofa of Time, the only object that separated evil emperor from absolute power. While written by comedians and containing some comic elements The Sofa of Time isn’t actually as light-hearted as it may sound. Yes, there are elements of comedy, there are elements of parody, but at the same time there are elements of drama and sci-fi. The Sofa of Time was not very impressive as comedy, but quite good as sci-fi show.

Our rating

5.6 / 10

Overall rating

5 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Creators of The Sofa of Time

Nick Frost films


Matt King films


Cast of The Sofa of Time

Nick Frost films
as Parker

Matt King films
as Milford

Mark Heap films
as Marmite the Dwarf

Peter Serafinowicz films
as Raamen Bod

Simon Pegg films
as General Geezer

Kevin Eldon films
as Leslie

Julia Deakin films

Joseph Marcell films

Daisy Jones films

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