Sergei Desnitsky, Boleslaw Abart, Vladimir Ivashov, Polish science fiction

Pilot Pirx’s Inquest (1978, Poland)


Original title: Test pilota Pirxa

Categories: artificial intelligencespace travel1970s sci-fi

Pilot Pirx’s Inquest Test pilota Pirxa 1978 scifi movie

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: Polish

Pilot Pirx is hired by UNESCO to take part in the experimental flight. United Atomic Laboratory corporation is preparing the first generation of nonlinears (androids with human appearance) to take the space travel. They have the artificial intelligence that would make them useful in the crew, but UNESCO is not sure if they are ready to act on their own and that is why Pirx was chosen to be the judge of that. To make it fair only one of four crew members will be android and Pirx won’t know which one. When the flight starts the atmosphere onboard gets tensed...

Classic science fiction movie based on one of the Stanislaw Lem stories about Pilot Pirx. It puts the question of what does it mean to be human and at what point an android could be treated as human being. All of it is put in interesting and involving way of the inquiry that takes place after the mission when Pirx and other members of the crew had time to rethink what happened onboard.

Our rating

7.6 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

4 / 5

Full Pilot Pirx’s Inquest

 Pilot Pirx’s Inquest Pilot Pirx’s Inquest

Creators of Pilot Pirx’s Inquest

Marek Piestrak films


Stanislaw Lem films


Cast of Pilot Pirx’s Inquest

Sergei Desnitsky films
as Pilot Pirx

Boleslaw Abart films
as Jan Otis

Vladimir Ivashov films
as Harry Brown

Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy films
as Tom Nowak

Zbigniew Lesien films
as John Calder

Ferdynand Matysik films
as Green

Igor Przegrodzki films
as McGuirr

Tonu Saar films
as Kurt Weber

Janusz Bylczynski films
as Judge

Edmund Fetting films
as Prosecutor

Jozef Fryzlewicz films
as Attorney

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