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Roadwar 2000 (1986, United States)

1986United States

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Roadwar 2000  1986 scifi computer game

In 1999 outbreak of mysterious disease in Washington and 22 other cites begin to attack the population. The scientists from top secret Govemment Underground Biolab are trying to figure out the reasons behind it and discover that a bacterium in three different forms is the cause. It seems that the disease is spreading fast and within months leads to death of the patients. Another breakthrough in the case was bit of a shock - scientists working for some sort of cult hating the United States artificially created the bacteria and within months 82% of the American population was infected. But even though the whole country is in the state of decay there is still hope - it seems that the cult members have also created the vaccine, so special GUB taskforce was set up to produce it.

Unfortunately at that point, with defence system pretty much down, United States were attacked using nuclear weapons. Few of the biggest cities were hit and destroyed, few of the bombs did not actually exploded and are still a threat. Soon the land invasion has started from the coasts and through Mexico, now the enemy forces are flooding the country left almost without any defence. Almost, because in many cities street gangs, if they were able to find doctors and drill sergeants, turned into sort of local armies and prepare for defence... at least when they donít fight each other. But due to radiation from nuclear attacks the bacteria have mutated and the invaders are also in danger - their vaccine donít have any effect on the mutated bacteria.

In that difficult moment the gang leaders are the only hope for the nation - 8 GUB agents are spread across the country and bringing them together to the headquarters is vital. As new leader of the gang with only one car we start somewhere in the United States searching for the scientists, looting the area for supplies that would make the travel available and fighting with the local gangs. All of it for one reason - to build whole empire of controlled cities and this reunite the people. GUB agents can create vaccine that would stop the disease, but we have to find them first. While looking for them we have to gather gang members, provide food and medicine for them, gas and tyres for the cars, weapons, ammo. We can search each of the area and loot for supplies before heading for another city.

Game was published by Strategic Simulations Inc, a company that specialized in strategy games and Roadwar is a bit strategy game combined with roguelike RPG elements. With very, very simple graphics and mostly only text presentation of the events it took a lot of imagination to really get into the game, but at the same time the rather original setting (although obviously inspired by Mad Max) and unusual gameplay made it quite interesting sci fi production. Later the versions for further computers were made (f.e. Amiga computers) with improved graphics and interface. With years other version of the game were produced, including the sequel Roadwar Europa.

Our rating

4.8 / 10

Overall rating

3 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Roadwar 2000 American science fictionRoadwar 2000 American science fictionRoadwar 2000 American science fiction

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Roadwar 2000

Roadwar 2000  1986 scifi computer gameRoadwar 2000  1986 scifi computer gameRoadwar 2000  1986 scifi computer gameRoadwar 2000  1986 scifi computer gameRoadwar 2000  1986

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