Marek Bilinski, Polish science fiction

Blue Nymphs (1983, Poland)


Categories: 1980s sci-fi

Blue Nymphs  1983 scifi music

Running time: 6 minutes


Marek Bilinski composition from his first album, Ogrod krola switu (The Garden Of The King Of Dawn), published in 1983.

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 Blue Nymphs

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Blue Nymphs

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Marek Bilinski films


Escape from the Tropics  1987 scifi music

Escape from the Tropics


One of the most famous singles of Polish electronic music composer Marek Bilinski.

Equinoxe 4  1978 scifi music

Equinoxe 4


Equinoxe was published in 1978 and is considered a follow-up to Oxygene album.

House In The Foggy Valley 1983 scifi music

House In The Foggy Valley


Marek Bilinski 1983 track later published on LP E≠mc² in 1984.

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