1995 scifi

Twelve Monkeys  1995 scifi movie

Twelve Monkeys

1995United States

When deadly virus almost wipes out the human kind the survivors are forced to live below the ground. They have created a time machine and are sending back the criminals hoping to find a way to beat the virus.

Waterworld  1995 scifi movie


1995United States

Lonely drifter called Mariner gets involved in search for mythical Dryland - the only place on Earth that is above the sea level.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep 1995 scifi game

X-COM: Terror from the Deep

1995United Kingdom

Second game from X-COM series, 40 years after the first invasion of the aliens second wave have begun, this time using the submerged crafts. X-COM has to take care of that new threat to the human kind.

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