Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, American science fiction

Lost (2004, United States)

2004United States

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Lost  2004 science fiction tv show

Running time: 5900 minutes

Language: English / Spanish / Korean / French

Oceanic Flight 815 from Australia to Los Angeles crashes on unknown island. 48 of the survivors prepare to spend a day or two on the island until they will be rescued, but after a while they realize it might not be possible to easily find them since no distract call has been sent before the crash. The island is big and covered in forest, so they find the way to find source of food and water, but their main problem is that in the jungle there is something that makes horrific noise and is able to pull the trees from the ground like they were just small toys. In the series of retrospectives we see that even the people survived from the crash are only seemingly ordinary - each of them has elements in the past that he or she would like to change or forget. Soon they begin to see people on the island that they should not be able to see or things that should not be on the island. Everything changes when they find a metal hatch hidden shallow under the ground.

Mystery science fiction TV series that became huge success from the beginning presenting the world that is dangerous and at the same time intruiging. First three series were just fascinating when the retrospectives unveiled the deeper and deeper layers of the characters and we learn what events led them all to be aboard the Flight 815. Unfortunately from season 4 until the end the series seemed to be the result of improvisation and trying to hard to prolong the mystery for few more episodes.

Overall it was great idea, great beginning that later got lost in the eagerness to make it as long as possible. And as it was easy to predict the mystery stretched for so long begun to wear out and the series lost almost half of the audience before reaching the end in season 6. Which was a shame since the beginning was so great...

Our rating

8.0 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

4 / 5

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Creators of Lost

J.J. Abrams films


Jeffrey Lieber films


Damon Lindelof films


Cast of Lost

Matthew Fox films
as Jack Shephard

Evangeline Lilly films
as Kate Austen

Jorge Garcia films
as Hugo Reyes

Josh Holloway films
as James Sawyer

Harry Andrews films
as Sayid Jarrah

Terry O’Quinn films
as John Locke

Daniel Dae Kim films
as Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim films
as Sun Kwon

Emilie de Ravin films
as Claire Littleton

Henry Ian Cusick films
as Desmond Hume

Dominic Monaghan films
as Charlie Pace

Michael Emerson films
as Ben Linus

Naveen Andrews films
as Sayid Jarrah

Michael Emerson films
as Benjamin Linus

Harold Perrineau films
as Michael Dawson

Elizabeth Mitchell films
as Juliet Burke

Ken Leung films
as Miles Straume

Nestor Carbonell films
as Richard Alpert

Malcolm David Kelley films
as Walt Lloyd

Maggie Grace films
as Shannon Rutherford

Jeremy Davies films
as Daniel Faraday

Jeff Fahey films
as Frank Lapidus

Ian Somerhalder films
as Boone Carlyle

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje films
as Mr. Eko

Michelle Rodriguez films
as Ana Lucia Cortez

Cynthia Watros films
as Libby Smith

L. Scott Caldwell films
as Rose Nadler

Sam Anderson films
as Bernard Nadler

John Terry films
as Christian Shephard

Mira Furlan films
as Danielle Rousseau

Tania Raymonde films
as Alex Rousseau

Sonya Walger films
as Penny Widmore

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