Nick Frost, Miranda Hart, Kevin Eldon, British science fiction

Hyperdrive (2006, United Kingdom)

2006United Kingdom

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Hyperdrive  2006 science fiction tv show

Running time: 30 minutes

Language: English

Year 2151, spaceship HMS Camden Lock is continuing the mission to protect British interests in a changing galaxy. Or to put it another way: to show alien governments the profits from relocating their businesses to special economic zones around Kidderminster or how profitable would be to stock the British nuclear waste on their planets.

Under command of idealistic Space Commander Michael Henderson HMS Camden Lock takes on the mediocre missions dropped on him by the headquarters. With a little help from the... unique set of characters that he has as officers he tries to see adventure in all the things that he has to do. Especially when they are remind him his favorite TV Show "Captain Helix", which he watches passionately when he is off duty.

British comedy series set aboard of the spaceship that travels through the Universe to complete often rather insignificant missions, but sometimes leads to a bit of adventure that Commander Henderson crave. As for comedy series it wasn’t much success, mostly because some viewers saw it as copy of very popular "Red Dwarf", which is completely unjustified. Hyperdrive is quite entertaining science fiction show with some good jokes thrown in.

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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Creators of Hyperdrive

John Henderson films


Kevin Cecil films


Andy Riley films


Cast of Hyperdrive

Nick Frost films
as Michael Henderson

Miranda Hart films
as Chloe Teal

Kevin Eldon films
as Eduardo York

Stephen Evans films
as Dave Vine

Dan Antopolski films
as Karl Jeffers

Petra Massey films
as Sandstrom

Nick Frost films
as Commander Henderson

Kevin Eldon films
as First Officer York

Miranda Hart films
as Diplomatic Officer Teal

Stephen Evans films
as Navigator Vine

Dan Antopolski films
as Technical Officer Jeffers

Geoffrey McGivern films
as King of Queppu

Waen Shepherd films
as Captain Helix

Paterson Joseph films
as Space Marshall Clarke

Geoffrey McGivern films
as Ruler of Queppu

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