Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, British science fiction

The World’s End (2013, United Kingdom)

2013United Kingdom

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The World’s End  2013 sci-fi movie

Running time: 110 minutes

Language: English

Gary King, a middle-aged alcoholic, gets in contact with his long estranged friends and invites them to their home town of Newton Haven, where they could reach the goal that they never could as teenagers - finish the "golden mile" - have a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs located in the city center. His friends are reluctant even to speak to him, but finally they all agree to do it. On the arrival they notice that something has changed in Newton Haven - all the pubs seem to be exactly the same and no one seems to be recognizing them. Not discouraged by that they visit the pubs and in the fourth Gary gets into fight with a teenager in the men’s room, during which he... tears off the head of the young man. When his friends arrive they are attacked by a group of teenagers, all of which turns out to be androids.

Comedy science fiction movie from duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost it carries their unique style and sense of humour, but the idea and the script itself is hardly impressive. Second half of the movie, when the mystery begins to reveal itself, is rather disappointing even though the special effects are quite nice. Just like with f.e. Hot Fuzz they have compe up with good idea, good characters, good cast, but the story could have been better.

Our rating

5.2 / 10

Overall rating

6 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Full The World’s End

 The World’s End The World’s End The World’s End

Creators of The World’s End

Edgar Wright films


Edgar Wright films


Simon Pegg films


Cast of The World’s End

Simon Pegg films
as Gary King

Nick Frost films
as Andy Knightley

Paddy Considine films
as Steven Prince

Martin Freeman films
as Oliver Chamberlain

Eddie Marsan films
as Peter Page

Rosamund Pike films
as Sam Chamberlain

Pierce Brosnan films
as Guy Shepherd

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