Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, American science fiction

The Terminator (1984, United States)

1984United States

Categories: alternate historyartificial intelligencetime travel1980s sci-fi

The Terminator  1984 sci-fi film

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: English

Human-looking cyborg, Terminator, of great power and almost immune to any weapons is sent from year 2029 to 1984. His mission is to find a waitress named Sarah Connor and he wonít hesitate to kill anyone who will get in his way. Due to his appearance people donít realize how dangerous he is until itís too late for them. He has to find Sarah Connor and kill her since her future son, John, will become main figure in human resistance against domination of machines. The police is helpless against Terminator, so the only hope for Sarah Connor is Kyle Reese, soldier sent from the future to protect her.

Classic science fiction movie that started the series with completely new approach to the scifi as a genre - how our lives can affect the future and not only tomorrow or next week, but in centuries. Plus Arnold Schwarzenegger as silent and deadly Terminator and some great action sequences.

Our rating

7.2 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


5 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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 The Terminator The Terminator

Creators of The Terminator

James Cameron films


James Cameron films


Gale Anne Hurd films


Cast of The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger films
as Terminator

Linda Hamilton films
as Sarah Connor

Michael Biehn films
as Kyle Reese

Paul Winfield films
as Lieutenant Ed Traxler

Lance Henriksen films
as Detective Hal Vukovich

Rick Rossovich films
as Matt Buchanan

Earl Boen films
as Dr. Peter Silberman

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