You-Nam Wong, Janice Man, Simon Yam, Hong Kong science fiction

The Midnight After (2014, Hong Kong)

2014Hong Kong

Original title: Na yeh ling san, ngo joa seung liu Wong Gok hoi wong dai bou dik hung Van

Categories: alternate realitymystery science fictionparallel universes2010s sci-fi

The Midnight After Na yeh ling san, ngo joa seung liu Wong Gok hoi wong dai bou dik hung Van 2014 sci-fi movie

Running time: 120 minutes

Language: Cantonese / Japanese / English

Hong Kong, night like any other, group of passengers board one of many buses going to Tai Po part of the town. The groups is mixture of different people, among them driver with gambling problem, pair of football fans, a junkie, few students, young girl travelling to meet her boyfriend. When the bus enters the tunnel suddenly all other cars around simply disappear. When they reach the other side of the tunnel the streets are empty and there is no living soul in a sight. Confursed they stop in the middle of Tai Po and begin to wonder what happened, especially since they canít reach anyone on the phone. They plan to split up, look up the people they were about to visit in Tai Po and later meet in one of the restaurants. One of them, You Zhi-chi, spots a person wearing the chemical suit, but is too far to take a good look. Soon they all get the same message on there telephones - strange noise they canít understand, but this is just the beginning of the riddles.

Hong Kong movie, based on the internet novel, tells the story of 17 people aboard a small bus that find themselves in the middle of deserted Hong Kong without any idea what happened to the rest of the people. Soon they receive strange messages and unfold another riddles covering the informations about what exactly happened to them. It isnít particularly original premise (f.e. The Langoliers), but with good mixture of mystery, horror and comedy it is quite interesting film and up to a point a very good production. Unfortunately later the creators switched the plot from the mystery and science fiction towards political themes and metaphores living most of the questions unanswered. Which is a shame, because a well devised ending would made it a great movie.

Our rating

7.6 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

4 / 5

Full The Midnight After

 The Midnight After

Creators of The Midnight After

Fruit Chan films


Fruit Chan films


Fai-Hung Chan films


Cast of The Midnight After

You-Nam Wong films
as You Zhi-chi

Janice Man films
as Yuki

Simon Yam films
as Wong Man-fah

Kara Hui films
as Mak Sau-ying

Tien You Chui films
as Shun

Suet Lam films
as Suet

GC Goo-Bi films
as Pat

Sheung-ching Lee films
as Bobby

Sam Lee films
as Blind Fai

Cherry Ngan films
as Yi

Melodee Mak films
as Lavina

Curious Jan films
as passenger

Mike Orange films
as passenger

Ka-Sing Chan films
as passenger

Endy Chow films
as passenger

Les Hunter films
as passenger

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