Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Emmy Rossum, American science fiction

The Day After Tomorrow (2004, United States)

2004United States

Categories: post-apocalyptic reality2000s sci-fi

The Day After Tomorrow  2004 science fiction film

Running time: 124 minutes

Language: English

The scientists are observing strange phenomena in Earth climate - huge storms are forming over Europe and North America - but the politicians still are denying that it can have anything to do with the global warming. When another super storm is forming over Siberia Jack Hall realizes that it could mean a disaster for human kind. He tries to contact his son in New York and warn him, but it is already too late and soon whole Manhattan is flooded. The climate takes nasty turn and most of the United States is covered in snow.

Disaster movie that shows how the climate changes can affect our lives or even end our lives. Not bad idea to show the dramatic switch back to the ice age was unfortunately wasted on completely unnecessary plot that involves Jack Hall trying to help his son. Good premise, impressive CGI, but overall average movie.

Our rating

4.4 / 10

Overall rating

4 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

Full The Day After Tomorrow

 The Day After Tomorrow The Day After Tomorrow

Creators of The Day After Tomorrow

Roland Emmerich films


Jeffrey Nachmanoff films


Roland Emmerich films


Cast of The Day After Tomorrow

Jake Gyllenhaal films
as Sam Hall

Dennis Quaid films
as Jack Hall

Emmy Rossum films
as Laura Chapman

Dash Mihok films
as Jason Evans

Jay O. Sanders films
as Frank Harris

Sela Ward films
as Dr. Lucy Hall

Austin Nichols films
as J.D.

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