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Terminator Salvation (2009, United States)

2009United States

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Terminator Salvation  2009 science fiction film

Running time: 115 minutes

Language: English

Marcus Wright, convict who is about to be executed, signs his body over for medical research. In year 2018 John Connor is preparing the attack on Skynet base, where he discovers human prisoners kept in the cages. He also finds the plans of new kind of robot killer - the terminator, the cyborg that incorporates living tissue. While the resistance leaders worry about the new weapon Connor finds out that he and Kyle Reese (who saved his mother in first movie) are on the list of targets for Skynet. Knowing that in future Reese will travel back in time and become John’s father he is determined to keep him alive. When he meets Marcus, he cannot figure out if he really is human or is he cyborg, who is after Reese...

Fourth Terminator movie, this time set completely in the future during the war with Skynet. The completely different setting (post-apocalyptic world instead of our reality) gave the creators opportunities to make it interesting action movie, but unfortunately they again did not avoid the problems from previous movies - since the Skynet technology in 2018 was so much better than in 2029 why did they sent back such obsolete cyborg in the first movie. The prototypes in this movie are far better than terminator in the first, so...

Overall enjoyable sci fi movie - not bad, not great, although if it would be shorter I don’t think anyone would mind.

Our rating

5.6 / 10

Overall rating

6 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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 Terminator Salvation Terminator Salvation

Creators of Terminator Salvation

Joseph McGinty Nichol films


John D. Brancato films


Michael Ferris films


Cast of Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale films
as John Connor

Sam Worthington films
as Marcus Wright

Anton Yelchin films
as Kyle Reese

Moon Bloodgood films
as Blair Williams

Helena Bonham Carter films
as Dr. Serena Kogan

Michael Ironside films
as General Ashdown

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