Jacek Chmielnik, Jerzy Stuhr, Katarzyna Figura, Polish science fiction

King Size (1988, Poland)


Original title: Kingsajz

Categories: alternate realityfantasytotalitarian state1980s sci-fi

King Size Kingsajz 1988 scifi film

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: Polish

Journalist Olgierd Jedlina seems to be obsessed with the themes somehow connected to the dwarfs and not the little people, but dwarfs as in fairy tales. There is a reason to that - he is a dwarf himself and he used to live in one of the drawers in place known as Drawersland (Szuflandia). But now he is in what dwarfs call King Size, which means that he is no different from people. The dwarfs can live among the people completely unnoticed as long as they will drink Polo-Cocta, otherwise they would shrink back to their small form. Olgierd is one of the dwarfs that were lucky enough to gain access to Polo-Cocta, but the ruthless leader of Drawersland wants to keep all the dwarfs in the small form threating any of the Polo-Cocta drinking dwarfs as traitors. But Olgierd is forced to return to Drawersland when his friend is arrested.

What sounds like completely insane story for children is in fact one of the best sci fi comedies, although you have to understand the background of the production. King Size was created in times when Poland was still a communist country and the citizens were usually unable to leave Poland on their own free will. Juliusz Machulski, author of few great comedies, managed to parody the whole communist system by turning the story into fairy-tale like production, where actors are working with giant props. A must see - great comedy that parodies any dictatorship country even in present times.

Our rating

7.6 / 10

Overall rating

9 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

Full King Size

 King Size

Creators of King Size

Juliusz Machulski films


Juliusz Machulski films


Jolanta Hartwig films


Cast of King Size

Jacek Chmielnik films
as Olgierd Jedlina

Jerzy Stuhr films
as Kilkujadek

Katarzyna Figura films
as Ala

Grzegorz Herominski films
as Adas

Leonard Pietraszak films
as Kramerko

Jan Machulski films
as Kwintek

Witold Pyrkosz films
as Bombalina

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