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Interstellar (2014, United States)

2014United States

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Interstellar  2014 science fiction movie

Running time: 168 minutes

Language: English

Due to crop blight the survival of whole humanity is under threat - the food reserves are running low, the farming areas are shrinking, whole areas of the Earth begin to look like desert. Former NASA pilot, Cooper, lives on a corn farm with his father and two children. After death of his wife he dedicates his life to give his son Tom and daughter Murph good chance for the future, but the future of whole human kind is gloomy. His daughter is convinced that there is a poltergeist in her room that pushes things from the shelves and makes patterns in the dust. When one of the patterns seems to be artificial Cooper realizes that gravity anomaly is responsible for that and not poltergeist. He follows the coordinates that seems to be within the pattern and he finds secret NASA facility, where he meets Professor Brand with whom he used to work in the past.

Brand is keen to learn how Cooper and his daughter managed to find the most secret place on Earth, but soon realizes that this can’t be accidental. In this facility Brand prepares an operation that could save the human kind - 48 years earlier a wormhole mysteriously appeared near Saturn and the scientists believe that some extraterrestrial power placed it there to help people escape to another universe. Actually Brand prepared two plans for the travel through wormhole - plan A is to find planet suitable to transfer people from Earth, plan B is to take human embryos to that planet and start the human kind from a scratch. Brand needs Cooper, experienced pilot, to be part of the team.

Interstellar is very unusual sci fi movie - in recent years not many science fiction movies had actual science in them, usual themes are superheroes or aliens invading Earth. This time we have something completely different - the plot is interesting and not too simple, it is involving, the visual side of the movie is rather good and it shows something that is not completely impossible - the collapse of human civilization. Good cast and well directed movie, one of the best in years, with only one flaw - it is far too long (almost 3 hours) and there are scenes that are completely unnecessary.

Our rating

8.4 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


5 / 5

Story complexity

5 / 5

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Creators of Interstellar

Christopher Nolan films


Christopher Nolan films


Jonathan Nolan films


Cast of Interstellar

David Gyasi films
as Romilly

Michael Caine films
as Professor John Brand

Anne Hathaway films
as Amelia Brand

Matthew McConaughey films
as Joseph Cooper

Mackenzie Foy films
as young Murph Cooper

Wes Bentley films
as Doyle

Timothee Chalamet films
as Tom Cooper

John Lithgow films
as Donald Cooper

Jessica Chastain films
as Murph Cooper

Ellen Burstyn films
as old Murph Cooper

Topher Grace films
as Getty

Matt Damon films
as Doctor Mann

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