Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, American science fiction

I Am Legend (2007, United States)

2007United States

Categories: horror science fictionpost-apocalyptic realitysurvival science fiction2000s sci-fi

I Am Legend  2007 sci-fi movie

Running time: 100 minutes

Language: English

Locations: shows alternative version of New York CityNew YorkUnited States

In 2009 genetically re-engineered measles virus mutated into a lethal strain, which rapidly infected humans and by the end of the year over 90% of the human population died. Those who survived did lost a lot of their human nature - due to painful eyes reaction to light and serious risk of skinburn in case of exposure to sunlight they learned to hide in buildings during the day and hunt during the nights. What is more they changed into more primal and agressive creatures that live in herds prowing the unhabited streets of cities. Very few people that survived immune to the virus were killed by the infected ones or commited suicide living in constant danger and isolation. Former US Army virologist Robert Neville is one of the people that were not affected by the virus and now he lives in New York City accompanied only by his dog.

He spends the nights locked in his secured house while the infected creatures attack his doors and windows. Neville believes that he is the last healthy man on Earth and in his laboratory tries to find the cure that would help the infected become human again, but so far he is unsuccessful. During the day he cruises the city looking for the lair of the infected creatures, but for him entering any building is a great risk since there is no electricity outside his house and in the dark the infected has advantage over him. Neville feels depressed and isolated, he got used to being alone. One day while checking another street he sees a woman, who looks healthy...

Remake of the classic The Omega Man with slight changes to the story. Both films were based on novel "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson, although the author insists that so far no movie really shows the true message of his novel. There are slight exaggerations in the movie (like streets of New York would be covered in high grass 3 years after the city was abandoned), but overall it is a very good sci fi movie that keeps the viewer involved during the whole time.

Our rating

8.4 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

5 / 5


5 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

Full I Am Legend

 I Am Legend I Am Legend I Am Legend

Creators of I Am Legend

Francis Lawrence films


Richard Matheson films


Mark Protosevich films


Akiva Goldsman films


John William Corrington films


Joyce Hooper Corrington films


Cast of I Am Legend

Will Smith films
as Robert Neville

Alice Braga films
as Anna

Charlie Tahan films
as Ethan

Salli Richardson-Whitfield films
as Zoe Neville

Willow Smith films
as Marley Neville

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