Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner, Yul Brynner, American science fiction

Futureworld (1976, United States)

1976United States

Categories: artificial intelligencemystery science fiction1970s sci-fi

Futureworld  1976 science fiction movie

Running time: 108 minutes

Language: English

Itís been two years since the tragedy in Westworld theme park, where independently operating androids were suppose to be part of the amusement park, but broke out of their software and begun to kill the tourists. Delos Corporation, owner of the park, spent those two years on improving the security in the park and providing brand new kinds of amusement. After spending 1.5 billion dollars they are ready to reopen and to convince people that their parks are safe two reporters are invited to be among the first guests - Chuck Browning and Tracy Ballard. The park has been expanded, now it covers 3 different themes: Medievalworld, Romanworld and Futureworld, the androids are even more realistic (including sexual purposes), the whole operations seems to be working smoothly. Just before entering the park Browning is approached by Delos employee, who says he has some informations about the park that Browning should know, but the informant is shot dead after he passed an envelope to the reporter. Browning and Ballard decide to enter Futureworld, where whole park looks like a space station. They are not the only VIPs to enter the park on that thay - a Japanese politician and Russian general among the guests. Browning is skeptical to the owners statements that everything is completely safe and insists on visiting Westworld, which is still present in the park area, but is not accessible for the tourists. Everything seems to be in order, but soon he discovers not everything is like Delos depicted it.

Sequel to classic Westworld, this time taking place after re-opening of the park with improved infrastructure and security so the tragedy would never again. Comparing to first movie it is more thriller than sci-fi - although we again have the park full of androids so realistic that it is hard to tell the difference between them and real people, but the story puts emphasis not on the idea and technology. It follows the reporter, who tries to find out if what he sees in the park is truth or just facade.

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Overall rating

7 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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 Futureworld Futureworld Futureworld

Creators of Futureworld

Richard T. Heffron films


Mayo Simon films


George Schenck films


Cast of Futureworld

Peter Fonda films
as Chuck Browning

Blythe Danner films
as Tracy Ballard

Yul Brynner films
as Gunslinger

John P. Ryan films
as Duffy

Arthur Hill films
as Dr. Schneider

Stuart Margolin films
as Harry

Bert Conroy films
as Karnovski

John Fujioka films
as Takaguchi

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