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UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994, United Kingdom)

1994United Kingdom

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UFO: Enemy Unknown  1994 scifi video game

It is one of the thousands of stories - strange object is spotted in the sky moving with great speed or hovering near big city. But in UFO: Enemy Unknown you don’t have to be just observer. X-COM, the global organization hired by the governments of various countries to prevent the alien invasions of Earth, puts you in charge of this tough task. You begin with small base in selected location on Earth and have to prepare the defence.

First of all you have to hire scientists and engineers, who can improve your weapons, build better detectors or improve the aircrafts. The scientific part of your mission changes when you actually meet the aliens - you have to retrieve as much artifacts as you can and bring them to laboratories where they can be analyzed. The knowledge you will gain from the analysis will improve your weapons and tactics against different kinds of aliens.

The military part of the X-COM operations consists of two parts - the interceptors that chase and shoot down the alien objects and the helicopter-like vehicles that carry the soldiers to the places where aliens have crashed or landed. After landing the game changes from real-time strategy to tour-based one, where you have to calculate the time points and detect the aliens before they can see you and shoot you.

As a whole one of the best ideas for science fiction game in history - interesting plot based on the many UFO legends and theories, well planed to the tiniest detail, the increasing difficulty level when the invasion starts, the alien attacks on cities that force you to intervene, the search for alien bases on Earth.

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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MicroProse problems

During the production of UFO: Enemy Unknown MicroProse was already in difficult financial situation and the company was preparing for merger with, or rather takeover by, Spectrum HoloByte. Originally the project was put on hold during the process, but the creators decided to work on it anyway, so the new owners would be put in front of already finished project, so they could hardly cancel it.

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