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Rage (2011, United States)

2011United States

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Rage  2011 scifi video game

On August 23rd 2029 asteroid 99942 Apophis collided with Earth and more or less ended the human civilization. There are still some survivors that are hope to restore the human kind - groups of people were put in stasis inside underground shelters called the Arks. We begin when our Ark resurfaces in year 2135, 106 years after the collision, and from the beginning it is clear that Eden Project, that aimed to repopulate Earth using people from the Arks in case of the global disaster, had failed - we are the only survivor from our Ark, now facing the unknown reality outside. The Earth has turned into desert-like planet and the surviving humans are living in small settlements or improvised towns while the area between them is full of dangerous canyons, bandits and mutated human-like creatures. There is also one more elements in the new reality - the Authority that tries to control everything in the area with brutal force and advanced technology. And where there is power, there is the resistance - we are approached from the beginning to take the side of resistance since Authority would arrest or kill us as survivors from the Ark. From that point we join the roller-coaster of car chases through desert canyons and the first-person shooter.

Game developed by id Software is on one hand full of cliches, but on the other it is great fun to play. Because of the post-apocalyptic reality that we find ourselves, Rage is quite similar to Fallout 3 concept where we have to explore and try to figure out the reality we are in, but at the same time it is very similar to Mad Max in the car racing bits. Also there are some bits from other games or scifi movies, but overall the game is very entertaining - it is basically a simple first-person shooter (FPS) in which we infiltrate the locations full of enemies that have different approaches to fight - some of them prefer senseless frontal attack, others try to use long distance weapons, some carry heavy armor, others prefer surprise and ambushes. The best thing about it is the wide range of weapons we can use - from windsticks (version of boomerang, like in Mad Max), through rifles, pistols to crossbow and nailgun. We can just rush into the battle or try to eliminate the enemies while keeping our position hidden.

The car chases bit is a bit weird and hard to logically explain, because on one hand we have the post-apocalyptic reality, but on the other advanced technology used for cars... I guess those sequences are used to separate the locations since the whole game is not an open-world game - there is only one way to get through every location, the whole area is rather limited, the canyons also leave very little choice... But on the other hand they are part of the fun. Overall it is a very simple, old-school FPS that offers very little content when it comes to story (there is one, but has very little influence on the gameplay), so you can concentrate on the shooting elements, which is a strong point of the whole concept.

Our rating

6.0 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Rage American science fictionRage American science fictionRage American science fiction

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Rage  2011 scifi video gameRage  2011 scifi video gameRage  2011 scifi video gameRage  2011 scifi video gameRage  2011 Rage  2011

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