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Kholat  2015 scifi computer game

In 1959 strange event took place in Ural Mountains - group of 9 students set out to take a trip through the area and since they did not come back when they planned rescuers went to look for them. Their campsite was found on the slopes of Kholat Syakh (Dead Mountain). Their tent was destroyed and the footprints in the snow suggested that students ran away from their campsite. But the tent was destroyed from the inside and it seemed that they were running away barefoot, which was odd in the middle of the winter. Further search of the area revealed the corpses of all 9 students - some of them had strange injuries, some froze to death, in some cases it wasn’t fully explained why they died. The place were the remains of the camp were found was named Dyatlov Pass after the group leader, Igor Dyatlov. To this day this is one of the biggest mysteries in history what exactly happened on Dyatlov Pass that night.

Our adventure begins on the small train station and we wonder into the Ural Mountains. In our story the time, the place, even our own identity are not actually known - when we mysteriously find ourselves near the camp on Dyatlov Pass there is no explanation how we got there or why. We find the journal in the diary in the tent, but with missing pages it isn’t much help. We start to look for the missing pages that are spread all over the area. Luckily we have the map and compass to help us navigate through the labyrinth of narrow corridors in the rocks, steep paths and dark caves. The winter storm is roaring, the night seems to be endless and around us we find the strange phenomena. Armed only with a flashlight we have to wonder through this empty and inhospitable area trying to figure out who we are and what happened to the students in 1959.

Polish game very loosely based on the real Dyatlov Pass incident puts us in the middle of stormy night in Ural Mountains, where we are looking for parts of the diary that would explain what happened there. The graphics and sounds of the game are very impressive, they build up the atmosphere of being stranded in rough area with no one to help. Although the game looks and sounds great, the mysterious atmosphere is there, Kholat is slightly improved walking simulator - vast amount of time we just wonder around the paths and look for the pages, not to mention that the gameplay is only about 3 hours long. Overall an impressive draft that could have been turned into great game, but with story so slim that it more or less leaves the player without answering most of the question it is a wasted opportunity to make use of the great outlook of the game.

Our rating

5.6 / 10

Overall rating

7 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


2 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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Kholat Polish science fictionKholat Polish science fictionKholat Polish science fiction

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Kholat  2015 scifi computer gameKholat  2015 scifi computer gameKholat  2015 scifi computer gameKholat  2015 scifi computer gameKholat  2015 Kholat  2015

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