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FTL: Faster Than Light (2012, )


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FTL: Faster Than Light  2012 science fiction video game

Galactic Federation is in disarray - rebel forces has destroyed the Federation fleet and now their cruisers are heading towards the center of galaxy to finish the job. Crew of small ship has intercepted the data packet that could put Federation back into the game, but there is one problem - unable to simply transfer the data on long distance they have to reach the headquarters of Federation before rebel fleet will. The spaceship is capable of making the faster than light jumps, which gives the advantage over rebels, but there are still several sectors to get through, not all of them friendly.

FTL: Faster Than Light is a top-down view game in which we are in command of the spaceship that has to find the way through several sectors and reach the Galactic Federation headquarters. We can jump between locations, but on most of them we most likely will encounter other ships - some of them friendly, some of them hostile, some of them looking for help and some of them being part of the ambush. With limited resources we have to take every possibility under consideration - if getting involved in a fight would not put our whole mission in danger, is it better to check more locations for resources or just go straight for the link to next sector.

The crew plays important part in the game - there are several stations to be covered (bridge, engines, weapons, sensors, life support, drone control) and we start with only 3 crewmembers. On the way we can recruit additional crew from store stations or other ships and place them in suitable compartments, but their location is also important when intruders will invade the spaceship or enemy attack will cause the fire aboard. With time they are increasing their skills, but also we can recruit members of different races than human - each of them has strong and weak points.

FTL: Faster Than Light obviously took a lot of inspiration from old-school board games, but that was actually a good idea. With randomly generated sectors for each game and events for each location FTL can be played many, many times before becoming boring. The basic plot is very simple, but events we are facing during the journey arenít and often in similar situations the outcome is different. As for indy production FTL: Faster Than Light has very high playability and even though it is casual game still a lot of time can be spent playing it.

Our rating

4.4 / 10

Overall rating

5 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

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