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Borderlands (2009, United States)

2009United States

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Borderlands  2009 scifi video game

On desert planet Pandora, where big corporations were fighting for control of the natural resources, legendary Vault left by the alien race is suppose to be filled with super technology and lots of wealth. Four characters set out to find the missing pieces of a key that will allow them to access the Vault.

That’s how we emerge into world of Pandora, place where there is only one thing better than a good gun - two good guns. In order to reach the pieces of Vault key we must build our position in the area through the missions we can finish for different clients. Some of them will involve elimination of a man or creature, others will involve bringing back an item or getting info, but all of them will involve one factor - bullets flying in all directions. Yes, Borderlands is not a subtle game, it is a bit old-fashioned FPS game that involves very little planning or strategy, it is just long, loooong list of weapons we can use in order to reach our targets.

Borderlands is often called a loot-driven SF game, which is a fair description - for each mission you will gain some money and / or some experience, both of which are needed to improve your arsenal or access some more arsenal. And... that’s about it. At the beginning we choose one of the four characters we want to play, they have slightly different features and skills, during the game progress we can improve them, buy special equipment, but basically the only solution to problems in Borderlands is to fight your way through them.

The game perhaps lacks sophisticated story, in many places it is plainly frustrating when you have to return to place you just been to finish additional mission that you could not access previously, the re-spawning of the creatures and enemies is a bit too frequent, so the ammo reserves became the main problem, not to mention that often the best solution to a mission is to... actually just run or jump over the enemies as long as your shield will let you. There are some better moments, there are some more developed levels, but overall it is just very simple FPS game.

Our rating

6.0 / 10

Overall rating

7 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

Borderlands American science fictionBorderlands American science fictionBorderlands American science fiction
Borderlands  2009 scifi video gameBorderlands  2009 scifi video gameBorderlands  2009 scifi video gameBorderlands  2009 scifi video gameBorderlands  2009 Borderlands  2009

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