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Story of The Zone scifi article

Story of The Zone

There are areas on Earth where things happen that are escaping any logical explanation - tiny little crystals that are able to give energy to start the car, gravity traps that can kill or mutilate human being within second, unexplained phenomena inviting and dangerous at the same time....

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic scifi article

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic

Wasteland and Fallout games created a fascinating world full of mysteries and colourful characters with some small loopholes, some big loopholes and some gigantic loopholes. Here are the 7 things about Wasteland that makes no sense....

Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies scifi article

Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies

Since Donald Trump became President Donald Trump there is one question that riddles the greatest minds of our era. Actually there are several questions, like: "how?", "why?", "what his hair are made of?", but there is one that stands out of all those questions. What to do when Trump hits the fan and we all wake up in the post-apocalyptic reality?...

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