2014 scifi

Interstellar  2014 scifi movie


2014United States

Collapse of human kind is inevitable due to food shortages. Scientists try to make use of wormhole leading to another universe and find suitable new planet.

The Midnight After Na yeh ling san, ngo joa seung liu Wong Gok hoi wong dai bou dik hung Van 2014 scifi movie

The Midnight After


Na yeh ling san, ngo joa seung liu Wong Gok hoi wong dai bou dik hung Van

2014Hong Kong

Seventeen people aboard a small bus travel through Hong Kong. Soon they find themselves to be the only survivors in whole city - all the other people simply disappeared.

Edge of Tomorrow  2014 scifi movie

Edge of Tomorrow

2014United States

When alien lifeform invades whole Europe the forces gathered in Britain has to retake the land. Major Cage seems dies during the operation, but later wakes up before he was sent to fight.

The Maze Runner  2014 scifi movie

The Maze Runner

2014United States

Young man wakes up in small land surrounded by huge stone walls. He can’t recall who he is, where he is or who are the people around him.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted 2014 scifi game

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

2014United Kingdom

Through unfortunate chain of events you are trapped in reality, in which the robots are hunting people. Well, not exactly people, you to be exact.

Wolfenstein: The New Order 2014 scifi game

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Another adaptation of classic first-person shooter - this time in advanced version we are put in year 1946, when Nazi Germany have taken over most of the Europe.

The Incident El Incidente 2014 scifi movie

The Incident


El Incidente


Two every day stories - a family on a road trip and a cop arresting two brothers - that suddenly get stuck in a limbo after a mysterious incident.

Left Behind  2014 scifi movie

Left Behind

2014United States

When people begin to disappear without a trace, even on board of an airplane, people try to find the answer to what is going on and they find it in God.

10,000 Days  2014 scifi movie

10,000 Days

2014United States

After Comet 23 struck the Earth and brought ice age to the planet only small clans of people survived in the Rocky Mountains. They fight for the limited supplies there are, but one day they find something unusual under the snow.

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