2013 sci-fi

Riddick  2013 scifi movie


2013United States

Betrayed by the Necromongers Riddick ends up on vast planet inhabited only by vicious creatures that he will have to fight to survive.

Oblivion  2013 scifi movie


2013United States

On Earth devastated after the war only few people are left to extract the natural resources. Technician taking care of the drones discovers that not everything is what he thought it is.

Star Trek Into Darkness  2013 scifi movie

Star Trek Into Darkness

2013United States

USS Enterprise is sent to find and kill the John Harrison, who obviously betrayed the Starfleet.

Gravity  2013 scifi movie


2013United States

When their shuttle is damaged by debris two astronauts are left alone in space without any chances of getting help from the Earth.

The Colony  2013 scifi movie

The Colony


Due to an experiment Earth enters the new ice age. The few survivors are living in the underground colonies, but even there they are not completely safe.

The Congress  2013 scifi movie

The Congress

2013United States

Hollywood actress is given the chance to make use of the latest technology - the producers can scan the whole her and since that day use her copy to play in the movies.

Ender’s Game  2013 scifi movie

Ender’s Game

2013United States

After Earth was attacked and human kind almost wiped out by the alien species known as Formics the counter-attack is being planned. The best candidates to fight the enemy are the kids that grow up playing computer games.

Metro: Last Light 2013 scifi game

Metro: Last Light


In Moscow left in ruins by nuclear war we again set out through the metro tunnels, this time to fix what we have done wrong the last time - the alien species we have attacked were not our true enemy.

World War Z  2013 scifi movie

World War Z

2013United States

UN employee has to find the way to save his family in the world where zombie virus is spreading everywhere.

Elysium  2013 scifi movie


2013United States

Max, hard-working ex-criminal, is exposed to high radiation and has only few days to live. His only hope is to find the way to cure himself on the satellite Elysium.

Snowpiercer  2013 scifi movie


2013South Korea

Years after Earth has returned to ice age the only survivors are people on board of self-sufficient train that travels around the world.

Europa Report  2013 scifi movie

Europa Report

2013United States

Six astronauts set out on mission to reach Europa, moon of Jupiter. Their mission is to gather samples from the planet icy surface, but also to find any signs of life on Europa.

The Worlds End  2013 scifi movie

The Worlds End

2013United Kingdom

Five friends plan to fulfill their teenage dream of finishing the "golden mile" - drinking a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs in their hometown. But the hometown have somehow changed...

Bounty Killer  2013 scifi movie

Bounty Killer

2013United States

In a world devastated by the corporations the bounty killer living in Thrice Burned Lands are setting the scores by hunting down the ruthless white-collar criminals.

The Last Days Los ultimos dias 2013 scifi movie

The Last Days


Los ultimos dias


When humanity develops a mass and fatal fear of open spaces people are trapped in the buildings and must seek the salvation in the underground tunnels.

After Earth  2013 scifi movie

After Earth

2013United States

1000 years after human kind was forced to leave the Earth father and son accidentally return to the planet and that visit will change their relations forever.

Pacific Rim  2013 scifi movie

Pacific Rim

2013United States

When giant monsters attack cities on Earth scientists provide giant robots to fight them using the most advenced weapon - good oldfashioned wrestling.

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