2011 sci-fi

Apollo 18  2011 scifi movie

Apollo 18

2011United States

Apollo 18, a secret mission of American government, puts the two astronauts on the surface of the Moon, but as they soon discover they are not alone here.

Source Code  2011 scifi movie

Source Code

2011United States

A man wakes up in the train and realise that he is in somebody else’s body. Eight minutes later the bomb explodes in the train and he wakes up again in government experimental facility.

Rage 2011 scifi game


2011United States

When asteroid collides with Earth human kind ceased to exist... Well, almost, because groups of peoples were put in stasis in underground shelters called the Arks. We resurface the Earth to find it completely different as we might remembered it...

Paul  2011 scifi movie


2011United Kingdom

Two British comic fans accidentally discover the real alien while driwing along Area 51.

Hell  2011 scifi movie



In year 2016 Earth is a wasteland - solar flares have destroyed atmosphere and the land has turned into desert. Three people are trying to reach the mountains, where they believe, still are sources of water.

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