1989 sci-fi

The Abyss  1989 scifi movie

The Abyss

1989United States

When nuclear submarine sinks after collision with unknown object the crew of civilian mining platform is approach to help in the rescue mission at the bottom of the ocean.

Bunker Palace Hotel  1989 scifi movie

Bunker Palace Hotel


When revolution breaks out in the totalitarian state the members of the government use their secret bunker underneath the luxury hotel to hide from the chaos.

Cyborg Masters of the Universe 2 1989 scifi movie



Masters of the Universe 2

1989United States

Deadly plague almost wiped out the entire population of the world. In the post-apocalyptic world the strongest will survive, but there is someone, who has the answer to how to stop the disease.

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Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies

Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies scifi

Since Donald Trump became President Donald Trump there is one question that riddles the greatest minds of our era. Actually there are several questions, like: "how?", "why?", "what his hair are made of?", but there is one that stands out of all those questions. What to do when Trump hits the fan and we all wake up in the post-apocalyptic reality?

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